USA FORGED - The worlds toughest wheels

USA Forged T-6 technology has been copied by some but perfected by none. This method of building a wheel from 356 T6 aluminum was innovated and perfected by USA Forged and no one has ever been able to get it right try as they might. The secret is simple. Start with building the part 100 percent in the United States.

Don't try and bring parts in from overseas and finish them here and call them made in America. You're kidding me right! We give our customers a little more credit then that and that's why we start and finish right here in the good old U.S of A. Turned and milled to perfection with every mill mark a characteristic of the wheel making each wheel ascetically set apart from any other. You want to talk tough? Bring it. These wheels are built for your 8 lug monsters with us fully aware of the reason you bought a truck that can pull a house.
The worlds toughest wheels, made in America. Where else would you build a wheel this tough?

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Our Brands

  • Eagle Alloys
  • Boss Motorsports
  • MSR
  • Voodoo Wheels
  • Xtreme Rhino